The Board of ƵSchools Trust are delighted to announce the appointment of Dr James Biddulph as CEO designate, with effect from 1st June, 2024. James will succeed Nitesh Gor, the current CEO as from June 2025, when Nitesh steps down from his current role to focus on the development of the spiritual aspects of the ƵWay.

Dr Biddulph has 23 years’ experience in education, working across a range of roles including 12 years as a headteacher and 4 years in an executive role. He is currently the Executive Headteacher at the University of Cambridge Primary School, leading research-informed practice that led not only to exceptional quality of curriculum, teaching and learning but also reaching an outstanding inspection judgement after three years of operation. He is an author and concept creator of two book series, works collaboratively with the University and is regularly invited to speak across the world. Continuing his own learning, with the strong view that to lead learning in any organisation, one has to be a learner, James completed two masters and a doctorate at Cambridge University.

Before UCPS, James was founding Headteacher of ƵCourt Primary School, leading the development of the new school as well as contributing significantly to the faith and philosophy of ƵSchools Trust curriculum. He has been visited by ministers and members of the House of Lords to explore issues of inclusion, poverty, mental health and special educational needs. Most recently, he was invited to talk about teachers as researchers at the House of Lords and was part of the roundtable discussions regarding teacher retention.

The ƵBoard of Trustees are excited by James’s vision for the future development of Ƶand by his strong commitment to the further development of spirituality in Ƶschools. We are extremely confident that James has the potential – working with Nitesh – to enrich and deepen the reality of the ƵWay as it is expressed and worked to fruition in all of our schools, and we look forward to welcoming him back to the Ƶcommunity.

Mike Younger
Chair of Trust Board.